GDS2 vs Tech2Win vs Global TIS vs TI2000

August 22, 2018 sales 0

GM diagnostic and programming tech support for GM cars or pickup trucks: What’s the difference and which tool for each software? Which for diagnostics and which for programming?   Here you go. Tips and guides of GDS2, Tech2Win, GlobalTIS, TI2000   GM diagnostic tool and software compat Continue Reading →


Tech II programs RCSLR on European C6

May 1, 2018 sales 0

Purpose: I need to replace the remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR) on my European C6.   Tool: I have a Tech2 scan tool   Reference: According to the “GM Service Manual” it says: “Connect a scan tool to the vehicle using the pass-thru This method require Continue Reading →

How to install/use Mongoose Pro GM 2 cable

April 17, 2018 sales 0

  Here is tutorial of step-by-step how to install Mangoose Pro GM II Cable and how to use.   Note: here we’re talking about Mongoose Pro GM 2 china clone (also name Mangoose)   Here we go: How to install Mangoose Pro GM 2 software: Install VMware-player-6.0.6-2700073.exe co Continue Reading →

GM Tech2

Tech 2 TIS2000 add DDM to 2004 Sabb 9-3 Sport

October 5, 2017 sales 0

      GM Tech 2 manual.. It’s about how to add a driver door module (DDM) to 2004 Sabb 9-3 Sport, incl. Program DDM, Enable Comfort Open/Close, Learn Pinch. Attach detailed instructions here. Hopefully, it’s helpful to someone.   Device: Tech 2 scanner (original or HQ clone) Continue Reading →