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KESS V2 master vs Ktag china clone

January 22, 2017 sales 0

kess v2 or ktag, that is a question. Lot’s of reviews of kess v2 master and k tag programmer…with different opinions.   First, price & quality! As for quality, PCBs talks. kess v2 price: €85 k tag price: €75   Second, software… kess v2 software download k-tag softwar Continue Reading →

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K-tag checksum Error problem and solution

April 11, 2016 sales 0

This is the problem photo shown: From this photo, we can see the hardware serial number and software serial number. It means that the software and hardware are good, no quality problem. This photo is caused by the following reasons: 1) K-tag ECU cannot work on the chip you test 2) This software Continue Reading →

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KTAG ECU Programming tool Using Tips

March 16, 2016 sales 0

This post will answer all of following questions on Ktag master ECU programming tool including optional version, compatible vehicles, workable software, the difference among all available KTAG, tokens reset method and Ktag FAQ etc. Ktag master ECU programming tool optional version Following opti Continue Reading →

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Ktag KTM100 7.003 TF card repair methods

March 3, 2016 sales 0

How to deal with TF card when programs/files there cannot work well. Fisrt of all, download KTAG KTM100 TF card fix zip file   KTM100 V2.13 software Continue Reading →